Christmas Party, Ep. 1

Alphea Cooper is known for her elaborate and engaging parties.  Attendees are assured delectable eats, splendid decorations and an impressive guest list of charming and accomplished folks. 

  She's even hired a service to park cars and greet guests and collect their things before ushering them in.  

SHERRY:"Oooh, look at this sleigh!"
BRANDON: " Wow, cool!  I wonder if there's anything in the presents"
SHERRY: " Knowing my mom, I'd say yes, and probably something for everyone"
BRANDON:  Your mom?  Alphea is your mother?
SHERRY: (giggling as she turns to face Brandon) Yep, she sur...(stops and gasps) Oh my gawd.  You look just like someone I know.  Do you have a twin brother named Gil?
BRANDON: No, not that I'm aware of.
SHERRY:  Geez, this is amazing.  You have a doppelganger right here in town.  Except he doesn't have a mustache.
BRANDON:  That is amazing.  I'm Brandon and you are...?

SHERRY: (extending her hand) I'm Sherry, pleased to meet you, Brandon.  How do you know my mom?
BRANDON: (taking her hand and kissing the back of it)  The pleasure is all mine.  Can I get you something to drink?
SHERRY:  (a little shaken but totally entranced by the suave move) Y-yes, please.   (They walk over to the bar.  She is mesmerized by his smooth, sexy voice and delightful accent, though she can't quite place it and he smells scrumptious!)

Drinks and conversations are flowing easily among the early arrivals.
PERLA: What are these on the glasses, Alphea?  They are beautiful and I know which glass is mine so easily!
ALPHEA: Right?  I love them.  They're Diva Glass Slippers - they have a website.
SHERRY:  I want this one, it matches my dress.
ALPHEA:  Of course, honey!  And you can keep yours too, Perla, if you want.
PERLA:  Oh, thank you, darling.  I love it!  And Sherry, I adore your dress!  It's so elegant.
SHERRY:  Thank you.  I got it from DollsViewPoint on Etsy.  This length also fits Barbie as long but there's also a long version for our size but I wanted this length.
ALPHEA and PERLA:  It's gorgeous!  Very lovely!
More guests arrive.  As they enter the room, Perla, let's out a loud GASP.  Sherry follows Perla's gaze...

Ah, snap!  Drama, just what Alphea doesn't want!  How will this play out...?

End Ep. 1