Holiday Open House, Ep. 2

 Charles has made his way over to Shante looking like an octopus with every available arm and hand holding something!  Shante jumps up to grab an item before he drops that bottle of champagne!
Charles and Shante are quite smitten with each other - she definitely liked what she saw of him at Cecilia's bachelorette party during his strip tease performance!    Marilyn removes the gift box from the table to make room for the champagne bottle and their glasses.

CHARLES:  Here, let me pour you some.
MARILYN:  (Raises her glass for some too.  After what seems like 10 minutes-but really 10 seconds-, she clears her throat and taps her glass to get his attention)

CHARLES:  (He realizes he hasn't paid any attention to his host) Oh, my goodness (he gushes as he fills her glass) please forgive me. I'm so sorry!
MARILYN:  Uh, huh.  Just put the bottle on the table. Oh, and my glasses, too!  (he'd forgotten all about them once he set eyes on Shante)

End of Episode 2