Girl's Weekend at The Sea - Ep. 1

Marla, Christy, Deidre and Brandy are college buds and have been meeting up together at least once every other year since they graduated.  This time they are spending the weekend at a beach side getaway they love to frequent.
They are hosting an open house and they've invited a couple of local folks, Sandra and Carl, who they've come to know well over the years.
While the other ladies are finishing their assigned chores throughout the house, Marla is in the kitchen double checking that everything is ready and making any last minute preparations before the invited guests arrive.

CHRISTY: (sitting down at the counter and starting to munch) Mmmm, looks and smells amazing, Marla.  You are a genius in the kitchen!  You should go freshen up before Sandy and Edmond arrive.

MARLA: Thank you and I was just about to finish getting ready.  Oh, Edmond isn't coming after all but Sandy's friend, Carl, is here (motioning to the living room) and she's in the bathroom.

CHRISTY:  (almost chokes on her food)  What the #$%!  How long's he been here?  Who is he?  I'm not in the mood for a newbie! (snorts and glares at Carl who's engrossed in whatever is on the TV).

MARLA:  Gurl, play nice!  I'll be right back.  Oh, here's Sandra!

CHRISTY: (under her breath)  Thank goodness!

 SANDRA: (squealing with delight, gives Christy a big hug before starting to fill a plate) Hey hon!  You're lookin' good enuf to eat!  How ya bin?
CHRISTY: (Chuckles as Sandra's melodic southern drawl always catches her off guard - and she loves it!)  I'm, right as pie as they say (attempting her own drawl but it just sounds weird).
SANDRA:  Mmm, I'd say so!  (lowering her voice a bit and leaning over the counter so only Christy can hear her)  Have you met Carl yet?  Dreamy, right?
CHRISTY:  No, not yet.  So how long you two been seein' each other?
SANDRA:  Oh, honey, no. (she talks in her normal tone)  He's not my squeeze box.  He's new up here for the summer to do some writing.  He's from New York, I think.  I just wanted to make sure he meets as many folks as possible, you know And, he's single (singing).
CHRISTY:  (giggles)   Okay, Ms. Cheyenne Social Club!

SANDRA:  Yes, ma'am!  (pauses a moment) Is that what you're wearing? I mean, you are putting on a cute lil' frock, right?
CHRISTY: (Laughs uproariously and is teetering on the stool she is laughing so hard)
SANDRA: (stares at her strangely waiting for her to compose herself but it's taking awhile).  Well what the h-e-double hockey sticks did I say?
CHRISTY: (gasping for breath and shaking her head) Oh, gawd- you are priceless.  I need a drink!

Highlights from Episode 2:
1- basically, the party gets started!