Hey lady, your husband's cheating on us! Ep. 1

Carla, Mrs. Hegworth's assistant, is meeting with Mrs. H. in her gorgeous penthouse apartment to finalize her husband's upcoming birthday party.  But Mrs. H. wants to talk about something else altogether!

CARLA:  Everything is all set for the party.  We really only need to hear from the band.
MRS. H:- Well, thank you but  I really could care less about this party.  I could kill Darrick right about now.

CARLA:  Excuse me?
MRS. H: He's having an affair!
CARLA:  (Stunned and barely able to breath) whaaat?  (OMG!  She Knows!  She's going to kill me)

CARLA: (stammering and sweating profusely) Whaaat makes you think...? (she grabs the heavy metal bell just in case she needs to defend herself).

MRS. H:  Well, my intuition was telling me something was happening and I found text messages!
CARLA: (her stomach is in knots and she's about to soil herself!)  Huh? (What a DUMBASS, I thought he DELETED our texts). I don't know what to say....
MRS. H: He claimed it was all innocent.  Just a silly exchange between work 'friends'.  There was nothing innocent about it.  Besides, this is NOT his first time and I know it won't be the last.
Carla: {drops bell back on the table with a loud clang}
MRS. H: (jumps a bit) OH! Damn, my nerves are a bit on edge right now
CARLA: Sorry, I shouldn't play with this thing!  Someone at work you say? (Who? Who?)
Mrs. H: (getting up from the couch) Let's skip this tea... I need something stronger!
Carla: (barely a whisper and her mind racing)  Sounds good.   (I don't believe this!)

MRS. H:  Yes, some Mindy.  There were texts about 'missing each other' and 'what a good time they had' and 'how staying out late was worth the fallout', etc.  This isn't the first time, of course!  He's really quite chronic and thinks I don't know what he's up to.  But I'm always steps ahead of him!  (Carla is in a state of shock and feels faint.  Who the HELL is Mindy??)

Mrs. H brings over a bottle of scotch and two glasses.  Carla hopes she doesn't throw up!

MRS. H: (pours Carla's drink and hands it to her.)
Here you go.  Gosh, are you alright?  You're awfully pale!

Carla: (visibly shaken)  I think I'm in shock! (Both ladies take a long swig - Mrs. H drinks directly from the bottle).

CARLA: (He's seeing someone else?  I don't believe it!  He said he loved me. The a-hole!  I'm gonna kick his ass.)   

MRS. H:  I'm glad I followed my instincts and put that monitoring program on his phone!  (Shaking her head and sucking her teeth)  He is really so stupid!

CARLA:  (The booze is clearing her head a bit...) What's that?

MRS. H:  Oh yes,  I could see all his messages, pictures, chats, searches - EVERYTHING!

CARLA: (Oh, gawd, no.  Please tell me she doesn't know about us).  What are you going to do (to me- gulp)?

MRS. H: (sits down on the couch.  Carla's not sure what to expect).  Divorce him, of course!  I don't want to stay with him any longer - all my love is gone.  It's time to let this fish go back to the sea!
CARLA tries to comfort MRS. H. but is feeling guilty AND thinking about killing that cheating bastard husband of hers!  She is furious with Darrick for cheating on them!

Highlights from Episode 2:
1- How did Mrs. H not see all the texts, messaging, pics and more between Carla and Darrick?
2- Who is the co-worker Mindy?
3- What the heck is Darrick up to? Or, rather, how many is Darrick up to?