The Cooking Show - EP.1

Sherry (brunette) and Bonnie (blond) were college friends who now live together and produce an internet cooking show.  Gil (the guy) is Bonnie's good friend who does the camera work for the show.  The trio meet each morning of the shoot to discuss logistics, (etc.) over breakfast. 

BONNIE: I can't believe Troy hasn't called me.  I've got to know what he wants to do.

SHERRY:  Wow! Can't you just do what YOU want? What difference  does it make what he wants?  (pouring milk on her cereal)

GIL: (reaching for one of Bonnie's freshly baked scrumptious sweetbreads.   She's an excellent baker.)  Hey Sherry,  honey, pass me the butter and strawberry jam, will ya please?

BONNIE:  What? (confused by Sherry's reaction)  I'm just being...considerate.

SHERRY: (Ignoring Gil) Since when do we need to be considerate of a bum?

BONNIE:  Okay, okay.  I'm sorry I brought it up.  I'm just so conflicted.

SHERRY: (sits down without fulfilling Gil's request- she just likes to mess with him.  His reactions amuse her and she appreciates his eyes constantly on her!) Good grief!  Please, let's talk about anything else.  Like what's on the menu? (starts eating her cereal)

BONNIE:  Yes, yess!  (Gets up and grabs the butter and jam for Gil as she knows Sherry is just going to ignore him.  Why does he keep trying?)  Anyone else want eggs?  I feel like sunny side up.

GIL:  Thank you, BonBon'. (sounding disappointed)

SHERRY:  Sooo, I was thinking to switch up today's recipes just a little bit and do an Asian meal.  Maybe veggie dumplings, Miso soup, etc.?  It'll be vegetarian...whaddya think?

BONNIE:  Hmmm, that sounds perfect.  Let's do it!  We'll head to the Asian market in an hour and rendezvous back here at 3:00.  Okay, Gil?

SHERRY:  (Addressing Bonnie). And you wouldn't mind if I have a friend over for dinner with the leftovers, do you?

BONNIE:  Tonight, right?  Just the two of you?

SHERRY: (munching) hmm, hmm...

BONNIE:  No problem!  Who's the friend, do I know him?

SHERRY:  Nope.  His name is Derrick and he's absolutely dreamy.

GIL: Cough, cough - (choking as food flies out of his mouth)

BONNIE: You okay, Gil?

SHERRY: (gets up to put her bowl in the dishwasher)  Slow down partner!  (suppressing a laugh)

GIL: (composing himself)  Can I get more coffee, please?

SHERRY: You betcha! (brings over the fresh drip pot on her way out)

GIL: Thanks (sipping as he clears his throat).

BONNIE: (slips her finished eggs out of the pan and  addresses Gil after Sherry is gone)  Why don't you just tell her know how you feel?   You're going to kill yourself always swallowing your feelings!

GIL: Yeah, no thank you.  Anyway, she's too young for me and I'm clearly not her type. (preferring not to have this conversation - ever!)

BONNIE: Uh huh, and that attitude will get you Nowhere! (sits down with her eggs)

GIL: Right, Ann Landers.  (getting up). I'll see you at Three to tape! (he leaves)

BONNIE: (thinks she can't be concerned about other folk's issues when she has her own as she reaches for her phone to text Troy but decides not to and starts to cry in her eggs).
Highlights from episode (2):

Who is Troy and why is Bonnie crying over him?  Why does Sherry refer to him as a "bum"?

Who is Derrick, Sherry's mystery man?

Will Gil ever learn that Sherry actually is attracted to him?