Holiday Open House - Ep. 1

Marilyn has invited family and friends over for a low key Christmas Day gathering.  She is texting her recently engaged daughter, Cecelia, to find out when she and her fianc√© will be arriving.

MARILYN:  Ah, finally, they’re on their way.  They’re young and in love and can’t get enough of each other!

 SHANTE: Ha! That's right.  So how are the wedding plans going?

 MARILYN:  Oh my gawd, so much to do and sooo expensive!  Her father and I didn’t even have a wedding so all this is new to me and little overwhelming.  I wouldn’t mind if they wanted to go to Vegas.  I love Vegas and it’d be a hell of a lot cheaper and less stressful!
SHANTE:  Maybe, but they BOTH want a traditional wedding so much.  Just think of all the memories and pictures…
MARILYN:  And expense!  They’d still be getting all that with a Vegas wedding minus the astronomical cost!  But don’t you dare say a word to her.  She’ll get her big – expensive – wedding even if it kills me!


CHARLES: (rubbing on coat on back of chair): Val, this coat is beautiful.  It feels like it’d be super cozy.
VALERIE: Thank you. Yes, it is and I love it!   It was a Christmas gift from my honey. (Ernest)
CHARLES: (to Ernest seated at the buffet table) Nice taste, man.
ERNEST: …Huh huh (more interested in the goodies on the buffet than the conversation).

 Ernest and Charles became fast friends after meeting at the gym and later formed a male stripper’s troupe as a side gig.  They recently performed at Cecelia’s bacheloretteparty earlier in the year.  Ernest and Valerie have been dating for a couple of years.  They love each but don’t see a reason to get married or live together.  They prefer to keep it real about how each are feeling about the relationship and simply enjoy each other’s company.
 VALERIE:  Oh, he definitely has excellent taste!  (She’s eyeing the champagne glasses)  These fuzzy boas on the glasses are so beautiful, I don’t know which one to choose!  Hmm, this white one is perfect with my outfit.

CHARLES: (starts toward the buffet table but changes his mind to let Ernest finish).. Yea, those are really elegant.  Here, let me pour you some champagne.  
VALERIE: Mmm, thank you.

CHARLES:  (calling across the room and holding up the bottle) Champagne, ladies?
MARILYN:  I just need a refill, thank you.
SHANTE:  I'll take a glass, please!
CHARLES:  What color thing-y mabob do you want? Green, red or gold? (Shante looks puzzled)
MARILYN: (holds up her glass to show Shante)  Diva glass slipper…  Are my pink reading glasses over there?
CHARLES:  Yes.  You want them?
MARILYN:  Yes, please.
SHANTE:  I’ll take the red one, please.
Charles grabs everything and heads over to the other side of the room.  He wants to talk to the pretty young thang over there and stop crushing on Valerie.  She’s so gorgeous and Ernest is doing her dirty but he’s bound by the bro code and has to keep his feelings and knowledge to himself!  
End of Episode 1