Home Salon Boutique - Ep1.

Soracki (Sori to her friends),  is an ambitious entrepreneur from Moldova.  She is cleaning her home when a package is delivered.  It's shoes she plans to sell in her newly renovated basement Home Salon Boutique.  Of course, she has to try them on!

The in-home salon/boutique has been a dream of hers since she was very young and playing with her sisters and brothers.  She'd style their hair and dress them up in whatever she could find and pretend to go to a grand ball - it was great fun!

 She gets a little weepy thinking of all she's been through to get this far.  The Home Salon Boutique has been several years in the making and opening day is next week.  
She has to admit it feels extremely good to know she has realized her dream all by herself!  She wishes she could share her success with her family.  But knows, all too well, that is not an option.  'Not with those crazies', she sighs ruefully.  


The champagne and snacks are set out and up tempo smooth jazz plays in the background. 

The celebration begins.  

The shop is busy as soon as she opens!  She has a hair appointment and two good friends, Mindy and Olivia have come to shop for new outfits and accessories.  Her first hair appointment, Trudi, is giving her a run for her money with her thick, long locks!  

MINDY: (on the couch, surveying  the room) Sori, I just love everything you've done!  You are going to be a big hit.  I've told all my girls.  But where are all the purses and stuff?

SORI: Thanks.  I glad you like. You know, I don't get chance to get to those things out yet (except for those shoes she's wearing from the latest delivery). Would you help me and unpack boxes and put things on shelves?  You get extra discount, no?

MINDY:  Yes, (fist pumping) no problem!

TRUDI: (in chair)  I'm putting you all over social media, too! You'll be busy day and night!  Except I get priority, of course!

SORI: (chuckling) Of course, of course. Thanks you - I luv it! (calling out)  Hey, Olivia, what takes so long?  Let's see what you are looking like in your clothes!

OLIVIA: (from behind dressing room curtain) almost ready! (a few moments later there is a rustling and she burst into the the room dancing around squealing with delight).
OLIVIA:  Woohoo! I love this one! Super soft knit is so comfy AND stylin'! (the ladies are laughing, clapping, taking pictures and enjoying her enthusiasm)

SORI, TRUDI, MINDY: Oh, it's beautiful!  I love it!  Looks so good on you!  Fits nice!  I want one- do you have my size?  Oh, me too!  Hot, hot, hot, gurlfriend!

OLIVIA: You have the best taste in clothes, Sori!  I want this in EVERY color!

TRUDI and MINDY: (in unison) Yaasss!  Can you get them in a bunch of colors?

SORI: (laughing)  oh my gawd!  This is great!  Okay, let me double check this, ladies.  Olivia, try on that pink jumpsuit, huh?  I can't wait to see it on you!

OLIVIA:  Yep, it's next!  (stops before going back into the changing room and looks at Mindy). Hi, I'm Olivia!  What is that on your champagne glass?

MINDY: Hi Olivia, I'm Mindy.  This is a Diva Glass Slippers fuzzy boa!  You can't drink champagne without one on your glass!

SORI:  Mindy, get Olivia a glass of champagne with a slipper, would you? (Olivia initially declined the champagne offer when she arrived preferring to get her purchases done with a clear head but quickly accepts the offer now)

MINDY:  Sure thing!

OLIVIA:  Thanks Mindy, be right back!

OLIVIA: (returns a few moments later in the pink jumpsuit and leopard print jacket.  Mindy greets her with a glass of champagne with a black Diva glass slipper fuzzy boa.)

MINDY: Here you go! (they clink glasses)  Oh, yeah, I like this outfit too!  How cute! 

OLIVIA: Thanks. (taking glass and plays with the fuzzy boa)  This slipper boa is so cute!  And they come in different colors, I love it!  Need some of these, too! (they all giggle)  Is that a robe you're wearing?  I luv it....

MINDY:  Yes, it's a dressing robe.  Isn't it fab?  It's a Sori find, of course!  I  love the shimmer of the fabric. Oh, and it has pockets!

OLIVIA:  Dang!  Put me down for one of those too! (everyone laughs as the good times continue)

More to come in Episode 2...